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Pre-School Classes

Our preschool members develop a passion for movement and fitness, while learning valuable social skills in a fun, safe, and positive, family-friendly environment.

1,2 and You- 45 Minutes (18-36 months) Parent/Toddler Class

The tots experience thrilling movements in the gym which range from rolling on mats to playing group parachute games. Their experience on the gymnastics apparatus is normally in the form of obstacle courses. The tots are encouraged to climb, crawl and jump from station to station. Tot and parent share all of this excitement as they work through each class as partners. Ratio 10:1

Tumbling 3's - 45 Minutes (The 3 Year Old)

Gymnastics classes for this age group caters to the children's need for social development as well as movement education. Perpetual motion is the name of the game. Learning by doing is their motto. Our coaches present the students with basic gymnastics skills such as rolling, swinging, jumping and balancing. Body movements are instilled through repetition. These movements include tuck, straddle, pike and stretch. The learning of gymnastics terminology is also an important element at this time. Ratio 5:1

Fearless 4's - 55 Minutes (The 4 Year Old)

Development of social skills is of high importance. Progressions of challenging skills for vault, bars, beam, tumbling and trampoline are presented. Safety is foremost in the teacher's mind with all of the age groups. With an increased attention span and improved strength and flexibility, gymnastics skills are acquired more easily at this age. Throughout the class the teacher encourages problem solving and creative thinking. The fundamental skills are taught needed to transition into the big gym. Ratio 8:1

In our preschool gym, it is important to note that we only do an obstacle course on the last week of each session. All other weeks are designed with specific stations. Participants will be assigned a station and will remain at that station while the instructor visits each station and helps each child before asking the class to rotate to a new station. This provides more repetition, one-on-one instruction, and encourages children to learn independence, patience, and focus. Each class goes out into the big gym every week, alternating weeks in the pit and on the trampolines.

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